Go With The Flow – MetroDrain Provides A Premium Drainage System

Dealing with surface and standing water is an aspect of any civil engineering or construction project that is specified in from the very start. The task of ensuring that adequate drainage is in place to collect and dispose of excess water fast and efficiently, is a critical part of meeting many building standards.

Here’s where the MetroDrain Premium Drainage system from Naylor can help. MetroDrain is a collection of very strong and very durable HDPE pipes, couplings, junctions and sealing rings. When put together they form a drainage system that meets the stringent drainage demands placed on a wide variety of projects including:


MetroDrain collects and disposes of surface and sub-surface storm water in line with the specific requirements of the Highways Agency Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works.


It is suitable for non-adopted surface water drains subject to Building Regulations and Standards throughout the UK and is BBA Certificated No: 09/H145


It is ideal for use in environmental systems such as pump and sampling chambers, catchpits, soakaways and stormwater attenuation manholes.

Golf Courses and Sports Fields

It provides perfect drainage for sports fields and golf courses and can also be used in the construction of under pitch heating.


MetroDrain can be successfully used in landfill applications for leachate drainage and methane gas control.


Also available is N-Drain, a lighter duty general purpose Twinwall Drainage System for Non BBA applications such as agricultural projects.

Why MetroDrain?

MetroDrain is a new generation of HDPW high performance twin wall drainage pipes, designed for use with all non-pressure, surface and sub-surface storm water drainage applications. The smooth bore pipes allow for superior hydraulic flow, whilst the corrugated outer wall provides additional strength and durability allowing the pipes to stand up to the rigours of different applications. Being less brittle, these pipes are less vulnerable to crack propagation, making them ideal for cold weather applications.

In addition, MetroDrain drainage pipes are:

  • Available in carrier or perforated configurations
  • HDPE not PVC/PP
  • British Board of Agreement approved and Highways Agency Compliant
  • Lightweight to allow for easier transport, handling and installation
  • Recognised as a suitable alternative to concrete and clayware pipes
  • Excellent at resisting differential settlement
  • Minimal jointing compared with traditional materials
  • Easily cut to required lengths
  • Optimal environmental credentials
  • Improved abrasion resistance

George Lines supply and deliver Naylor Ducting MetroDrain. For more details or to place an order please call 01753 685354.

Komal SangheraGo With The Flow – MetroDrain Provides A Premium Drainage System
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Hauraton Surface Water Drainage

Prevent the risk of flooding and ensure your civils project is well equipped to control surface water run off with Hauraton’s FASERFIX® KS channels.

The concrete technology of FASERFIX® KS provides a stable and efficient drainage channel that’s ideal for use in public and commercial areas.

  • Extremely strong channels are manufactured from a fibre reinforced concrete
  • SIDE-LOCK grating system gives ease of installation saving time and money
  • Choice of many different gratings gives the range enormous flexibility

Designed to meet the flow rate demands of heavy rain falling on areas such as squares and parks, car parks and railway stations, these channels collect water and safely direct it to on-site storage/seepage lagoons.

Not only is this drainage system suitable for rain water, but it has also been used by Tesco to protect their petrol stations from fuel spills by providing a fast and effective means of draining away fuel tanker spillages.

Benefits of FASERFIX®KS channels

Extremely strong and stable – the fibre reinforced concrete structure, side walls of 30mm thickness and high-grade angle housings make for a highly stable channel that is suitable for all loading classes up to F900 and E600 on asphalted surfaces without concrete stretcher.

High-tech material – made in Germany under close quality control, the channels are reduced weight, adhere well to concrete and are fire resistant to class A1 (not flammable) according to DIN 4102.

High drainage cross-section – the design of the FASERFIX®KS channels ensure a better hydraulic performance compared to V-shaped channels, allowing water to drain faster and more efficiently from surfaces.

Easy to install – the SIDE-LOCK boltless locking system features tongue and groove connection for exact installation. Installing or replacing the grating is a simple task that can be accomplished using no more than a screwdriver.

Excellent angle housing – the 20 x 20mm high angle housing and inlaying grating, coupled with 8-fold securing of grating and simultaneous locking in longitudinal direction provides additional product stability.

Flexibility – a range of channel sizes allow for design of a system that is suitable for the demands of individual projects. Choice of grating materials and designs allows planners and architects to add unique details to construction projects, to inject an extra touch of character.

George Lines offers a wide range of surface drainage systems that includes the FASERFIX® KS channels and gratings. For help with selecting and ordering products please call us on 01753 685354.

Komal SangheraHauraton Surface Water Drainage
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Keeping Things Simple With An ACO Garage Pack

The ACO garage pack is a complete kit that contains everything you need to quickly and easily install a drainage system across a garage threshold.

It is a quality package; system CE marked and fully certified to Load Class A 15 BS EN 1433:2002

Inside you will find all the items you need to complete the job from scratch:

Komal SangheraKeeping Things Simple With An ACO Garage Pack
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