Benefits Of Twinwall Coiled Ducting

Polyethylene coiled ducting is the highly durable twinwall cable protection, supplied by George Lines.  An incredibly strong product it’s particularly suited to situations where additional strength and protection is required, such as when it needs to run under paths, drives or roadways, or where ducting needs to be buried at a deeper depth than usual.

Our ducting comes in the standard ducting colour codes for a wide range of utilities including electrical services (black), water (blue), gas (yellow), telecoms, cable and CCTV (green), motorway communications (purple) and street lighting (orange).

Extremely flexible, there is no need for special bends, however we do recommend that the ducting is laid as straight as possible to minimise bends and sharp changes of direction.  Whilst its smooth bore means a low co-efficient of friction making cable installation much easier as pipes and cables can be drawn through the interior without fear of snagging.  The external corrugated walls provide compression strength, giving the ducting the ability to absorb high levels of pressure without compromising the duct walls.

In addition the polyethylene used to create our coiled ducting offers fantastic impact resistance, even at low temperatures where other ducting may break or crack.  This provides our ducting with an extensively long life span that makes it particularly suitable for a wide range of utilities applications.

Coiled Duct Features

  • Extremely flexible
  • Immensely durable
  • High impact resistance
  • Easy to transport
  • Low weight, high strength
  • Long coil lengths for reduced jointing
  • Can be used underground, or in trenchless applications
  • Factory installed polyethylene twine and coupling
  • Corrosion free and resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Complies with BS EN 61386-24:2010, 450N normal duty impact 23°c
  • Available in 25m and 50m length coils in diameters of 50, 94, 125, 137 and 150 mm.

For more information about our range of ducting please feel free to contact a member of the George Lines team.

Komal SangheraBenefits Of Twinwall Coiled Ducting