Kassel Bus Stop Kerbs For Enhanced Passenger Safety

Public transport has come on leaps and bounds thanks in part to the way that improvements in technology have allowed for a greater focus on customer experience. One often overlooked area of development is the Kassel bus stop kerb, which was specifically designed to assist passengers in getting on and off a bus.

Kassel bus stop kerbs are designed with a unique profile. They are built with a 75° face and bottom end radius. This means that a bus can park closer to the kerb allowing for a faster, easier and safer entry and exit for passengers. Whilst the bus driver can be confident that this closer parking position does not run the risk of damage to tyres or wheel rim.  Reducing tyre damage, wear and tear, has the additional advantage of helping to reduce the costs of repairs and replacement during bus operation.

Kassel Bus Stop Features

  • Designed for public transport services, such as buses or trams
  • Allows public transport to park in the optimum position for ease of boarding
  • Provides enhanced safety for disabled, elderly or visually impaired passengers and those with pushchairs
  • Comes in two heights, 180mm and 160mm, to provide a vertical/horizontal gap of less than 50mm for improved passenger access and safety
  • A range of quadrant and radial units are available to create comprehensive bus stop or station solutions
  • Reduces tyre wear through a unique design
  • Single piece as opposed to a ‘built up’ system to offer a higher durability
  • Available in grey concrete and natural granite
  • Increased slip resistance for passengers thanks to an innovative tactile diamond shaped top surface
  • DDA compliant

All Kassel bus stop kerbs come in one of two heights, 160mm or 180mm. Both units allow a standard gap of 50mm between the bus and the kerb. The 180mm unit is better suited for non-hydraulic buses as it provides an increased amount of height. The 160mm unit is better suited to hydraulic buses that can lower themselves to allow easy access.

Kassel bus stop kerbs are able to flow seamlessly thanks to transitions and ramps. This mean the pavement will not abruptly end, where the bus top kerb begins. These transitions flow seamlessly from the British standard HS2 kerb, to both the 160mm and 180mm bus stop kerbs.

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Komal SangheraKassel Bus Stop Kerbs For Enhanced Passenger Safety