Scan Kerb – The Quick & Easy Kerbing Solution

Scan Kerb offers an easily installed adhesive kerbing system that’s light weight and high performance.

This unique, durable and affordable kerbing system is used for a wide range of solutions including:

  • Traffic management
  • Traffic calming
  • Bridge kerbing
  • Car parks
  • Cycle routes
  • Traffic islands
  • Highway services

Benefits of Scan Kerb

Scan Kerb is one of the most useful concrete based traffic management systems currently in use. Its design allows it to be installed quickly, and efficiently with minimal traffic disruption.

The installation process differs from traditional kerbs, which needs costly excavation, heavy plant and waste disposal. This is due to the ‘stick down’ process that makes Scan Kerb so efficient. The easy installation also bears a lower carbon footprint compared to its traditional concrete rivals.

Scan Kerb adheres to all necessary building standards, including EN 1338, EN 1339, and EN 1340. Highways Authority also approves of Scan Kerb, as it adheres to Highway Works – Series 1100 – Vol 1 – 11/06.

How to install Scan Kerb?

Scan Kerb is a ‘stick down’ kerb, which means they come ready to be installed with minimum effort. The kerb is applied by planning out the area for the kerb, adding primer, waiting for the primer to dry, and sticking the kerb down firmly. In the event of poor weather, you can use a blow torch with a mouth of 50mm to heat the bottom surface of the kerb until it is tacky. This will then make it easier to apply the Scan Kerb to the road.

How will Scan Kerb Fit in with my building project?

Scan Kerb is a tried and tested product, and is compatible with all current half battered and splay kerbs. There is also no need for a heavy plant when it comes to Scan Kerb. This means less vehicle movements, which means lower transport costs. This will allow you to cut costs on your building project. All in all, Scan Kerb is the cost-effective alternative to your standard kerbs in the UK.

George Lines are a professional builder’s merchant, focused on ensuring only the best product reaches our customers. Scan Kerb is a revolutionary kerbing option, that does away with unnecessary and time consuming excavation. You simply heat, stick and wait. For more information about Scan Kerb and how it can benefit your building project, please feel free to contact George Lines on 01753 685354 or email one of our staff.

Komal SangheraScan Kerb – The Quick & Easy Kerbing Solution