Scan Kerb – The Easy to Install Kerb

Scan Kerb is a self-adhesive, easy to install kerbing system from Scandinavia that uses rubber asphalt adhesive to fix concrete kerbs into place.

Used for a range of highway construction and landscaping projects it defines and secures the perimeter of pathways, pavements, cycleways, traffic islands and comes with a host of benefits.

Reduced costs

Scan Kerb’s unique design means you can install concrete kerbing without having to dig or excavate into the ground. This means saving money from having to hire heavy plant machinery and remove spoil from site.

Less disruption

What’s more, all Scan Kerb kerbing products weigh just 25kg or less. This means they can be moved and manually handled safely – without the need for a grab lorry or crane!

Quick installation

Easy to install, you simply apply the Scan Coat adhesive with a brush, heat the kerb base and then place the concrete Scan Kerb into position. Use extra adhesive as required on uneven or porous surfaces to assure a firm fix.

The installation is complete as soon as the adhesive dries, which is usually in 15-30 minutes.

Fixed fast

Although Scan Kerb is perfect for temporary construction works, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only suitable for short-term fixes to highway construction works and landscape architecture.

Once in place, it’s designed to stay put.

If installed as per the instructions, it will withstand static push off load of 10 kN/m. You’ll need to use a mechanical excavator to shift it.

Available in standard sizes

Standard sizes are the 120mm high Scan Kerb ‘Type B1’ half battered kerb, and the 100mm Type A1 splay kerb, but the concrete blocks come in a number of radii, angels and droppers to suit all manner of projects.

With UK highways department, Councils and landscape gardening firms always looking for ways to improve efficiency and avoid any unnecessary disruption, Scan Kerb is a time-saving option that’s well worth considering.

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Komal SangheraScan Kerb – The Easy to Install Kerb