Getting Excited About Block Paving

Brett’s Omega range is the UK’s most popular format of block paving with good reason. Whether it is a garden patio, a luxury driveway or a huge industrial car park, the Omega paving block is the go to choice for civil and landscaping projects, wanting to deliver a stylish professional look that will fit in with both modern and historic surroundings.

Made of concrete the basic bevelled block is 200mm x 100mm . This makes it wonderfully easy to do the maths when working out how many you will need to cover a specific area.

All blocks and edges are available in seven standard colours. This makes Omega a suitable choice for virtually all paving applications. You can choose from Autumn Gold, Brindle, Burnt Oak, Charcoal, Buff, Red or Natural.

The blocks can be laid in a wide range of patterns including straight courses, herringbones, basket weaves and block clusters.

The blocks are available in three thicknesses. There are also cube half blocks and even bishops hat edging units to finish off the look on 45 degree herringbone patterned layouts.

Manufactured and tested to BS EN 1338 : 2003, there are a couple of very good safety features with Omega. Firstly the basic blocks have an Unpolished Slip Resistance Value (USRV) greater than 55. This means that the potential for people to slip on them is nice and low. Secondly, marker blocks with light reflecting Ballotini glass beads in the surface can be integrated into the design. These are great for safety warnings or demarcation of bays, arrows and other signage.

When there is a large area such as a car park to lay, manually laying blocks is not really an option. However, Omega block paving products can be palletised for automated machine laying.

So, is it really possible to get excited about block paving? You bet it is!

Komal SangheraGetting Excited About Block Paving

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