How To Use Granite Setts in Your Landscaping Scheme

Before looking into how granite setts are used to create certain landscaping designs, it helps to explain a bit about what granite setts are; and why they can form an integral part of any garden design or landscaping project.

What are granite setts?

Granite setts are quarried stone from Portugal and China that are similar to cobble-like road bricks. They are often found in civic landscaping schemes when building roads, pavements and other public spaces.

The stone is finished to have either a textured or an un-textured surface and can be square or rectangular in shape with sawn or cropped edges.

The stone is mainly silver grey with various subtle hues such as pink, grey, amber and blue. The setts themselves are cut in different sizes; with 10cm x 10cm x 10cm and 10cm x 10cm x 20cm being two of the most commonly seen options.

Why consider granite setts for your landscaping project?

Granite is incredibly resistant and setts will take the weight of heavy traffic for years to come. In fact, some granite sett installations in the UK are still in use after 200 years. They are often chosen for use in market towns and historical areas, as they bring a ‘days gone by’ feel to the space. They are also used for traffic calming areas.

Today, homeowners, gardeners and builders use granite setts to capture the traditional charm and hard wearing properties of natural stone in their landscaping designs.

How to use granite setts in your landscaping scheme

Granite setts can be laid in many different formations, depending on the effect you are aspiring to create:

Continental: If you are looking to create a continental feel around your home, lay gravel setts in a European inspired fan pattern, like ‘The Florentine’ or a segmental arc arrangement.

Courtyard: To create a courtyard garden in a smaller space, lay square granite setts side by side as a way of achieving cosy character and charm. It’ll give an authentic appearance in a cottage garden or patio.

Contemporary: Use smoothed granite sett stones in an angular, sawn finish to achieve a striking geometric pattern for a contemporary finish. This is perfect for large, commercial landscaping projects, for instance. For maximum impact, finish up by using contrasting gravel setts to define and straighten neat edges and borders.

There are many ways you can create drama with granite setts. Call George Lines on 01753 685354 today for further ideas or to check quantities and prices. We have a broad range of granite sets in stock ready for delivery locally.

Komal SangheraHow To Use Granite Setts in Your Landscaping Scheme