Helping Buildings To Breathe

The movement of air through buildings is an important, and usually unnoticed aspect of life. However, good ventilation is essential for the health of occupants and maintaining the integrity of a building’s structure.

Here are five good reasons why it’s important to integrate good ventilation into any building:

1. Air Regulation

Poor ventilation allows too much cold air to move into your home, causing your heating system to work harder to reach a comfortable temperature. By having an efficient energy ventilation system in place you can control the movement of cold air in and warm air out, which can have a positive effect on your energy bills.

2. Temperature Control

Because ventilation helps regulate the air in your home, it can also regulate temperature. When a room is filled with lots of people (e.g. an office, a packed lecture hall, a busy restaurant) it can quickly become hot and stuffy. A well-ventilated room will be much more comfortable to be in, resulting in a more productive environment.

3. Impurity Control

Air borne pollutants, bacteria and bad odours can build up in unventilated rooms. This not only reduces the air quality leading to health problems, but can also create nasty smells that is off putting to occupants. A well-ventilated building can expel air pollutants and prevent bacteria building-up in rooms.

4. Reduce Condensation Build Up

Poor ventilation leads to condensation build up due to an increased level of moisture that isn’t being transported away by the movement of air. Moisture build up can stick to walls and other surfaces, which leads to mould. This in turn can lead to health problems. A well-ventilated building allows air to move freely, taking with it moisture which can have harmful effects on health and damaging effects on your building.

5. Improved Health

Certain health problems have been linked to poor ventilation including: headaches, asthma, sinusitis, allergies, and rashes. This is because a poorly ventilated home does not allow moisture and pollutants to move away from a building properly. This means that walls can absorb moisture which can lead to mould, and poor quality air that can lead to breathing problems. A properly ventilated building prevents moisture and pollutants from accumulating and adversely affecting occupants.

As you can see, it is important to ensure that any building is well ventilated to remove harmful substances that can affect quality of life. At George Lines, we offer a range of effective ventilation options that can improve the movement of air in your home. For more information please contact us on 01753 685354 or send us an enquiry.

Komal SangheraHelping Buildings To Breathe