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Gully Grates

Enhance the efficiency of your surface water drainage systems with George Lines' Gully Grates. Our high-quality gully grates are designed to provide robust and reliable solutions for capturing and directing surface water runoff. Whether you're working on residential landscapes, commercial developments, or urban projects, our Gully Grates offer a durable and effective solution, ensuring the clear and swift removal of water from roads, driveways, and other surfaces.

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Gully Grate & Frame 380mm x 310mm x 100mm Phoenix D400 Straight Bar Hinged KD51DP
Hinged Gully Grating & Frame 430mm x 375mm x 100mm Straight Bar D400 Waterway KD500 To Suit 450mm Gully Pot
Gully Grating & Frame 495mm x 355mm x 150mm Hinged & Lock Kerb Unit Hb Profile GK-115
Gully Chute Connector 530mm x 415mm x 185mm - 150mm D46-1 Spigot 420mm x 330mm Top Catchment
Gully Grating & Frame 440mm x 400mm x 100mm D.Tri Waterway KD410
Gully Grating & Frame 600mm x 600mm x 100mm D.Tri Waterway Savage Ultra KD43DN
Gully Grating & Frame 225mm x 225mm x 75mm B125
Gully Grating & Frame 300mm x 300mm x 50mm C250 Hinged Flat Top Yard Type
Gully Grating & Frame 300mm x 300mm x 50mm C250 Hinged & Dished Yard Type KD73C To Suit 304mm Gully Pot
Gully Grating & Frame 380mm x 310mm x 75mm C250 Straight Bar Flat Top Hinged KD51C
Brett Martin B9131 160mm Square Alloy Grid
Brett Martin B9141 160mm Square Plastic Grid
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