Click & collect

Need a product urgently?

Can’t wait around for a courier?

My branch is only around the corner?

Use our Click & Collect service.

Use the website in the traditional way to browse, shop and checkout but instead of choosing ‘Deliver to site’ click ‘I will collect myself….’

Easy as that.

Once the order is placed a member of the Lords will contact you to advise on a delivery time.

Please allow up to 3 hours before collection

What do the colours mean?

Customers are presented with a number of intuitive options in the checkout. They can then indicate their preference, whilst understanding the likelihood of the delivery for the time they selected.

GREY = All delivery slots are booked, so no deliveries available for this time.

RED = Most delivery slots have gone, so this slot is unlikely, but not impossible.

ORANGE = Limited availability for delivery day and time.

GREEN = Delivery day and time is available.

ANYTIME = Delivery time is not critical, so anytime on this day is fine.