Scoutmoor Yorkstone

Next time you’re in London visiting Trafalgar Square or any of the capital’s most iconic locations, look down and chances are that you’ll be standing on some pretty impressive natural paving. Scoutmoor Yorkstone is one of the strongest paving slabs available in the UK and can be found around many of our most popular visitor attractions.

Scoutmoor Yorkstone is a blue grey to brown stone, that fits perfectly with both the historical and modern built environment. Chosen not just for it’s looks, this Yorkstone is quarried a few miles north of Manchester and is tougher than most granites, making it a favourite choice for areas with high pedestrian traffic levels because of it’s high durability and excellent slip resistance.

The stone even retains its non-slip properties as it wears (very slowly) which automatically gives any project built with Scoutmoor Yorkstone a very long ‘shelf life’ indeed.

With sun, rain, sleet, snow or frost possible on any day of the British calendar, paving stones have to be rock solid and not prone to any noticeable weathering for many decades. Scoutmoor Yorkstone fits the bill perfectly and this is why you so often spot it in city locations with high footfall such as popular landmarks, high streets and busy buildings like colleges and universities.

As well as it’s excellent technical properties, Scoutmoor is a very versatile stone, allowing designers to add in creative features and details to enhance the landscape. In all forms of landscaping projects, Yorkstone can be used to provide a practical foundation with a beautiful finish for paving, steps, entrances, patios, paths and driveways. If you’d like to use this top quality Yorkstone in your project, you’ll find it available with the top surface finished as Diamond Sawn, Capital, Flamed or Crested.

When you choose Scoutmoor Yorkstone for your project, you can be assured of a product that meets high quality standards. Our Yorkstone slabs from Marshalls are fully tested to the appropriate standards and are CE marked in accordance with the latest legislation.

Both the Scoutmoor quarry and the manufacturing works are ISO9001 accredited as well as being ISO14001 Environmentally accredited and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety accredited.

Sometimes it is hard to envisage just how a project might look once a paving has been installed. For anyone thinking of using Scoutmoor Yorkstone our advice is to head down to London for the day, make your way to Trafalgar Square and enjoy the sights.

Komal SangheraScoutmoor Yorkstone